Tuesday, January 28, 2014


First: I am an idiot.

I had no idea until Turk told me that I could have purchased a second spec legendary cloak for Mataoka, which really would have helped lousy RNG healing gear luck.  I scrounged up 7K gold and off I went. And -- ! -- I had forgotten to turn in the last part of the Black Prince quest!

I won't give away the plotline, but the ending was thoroughly satisfying.

This is a terrible screenshot, but look at Wrathion's puppy dog expression! Oh sooo cute! Who's a bad dragon, who is? Who's a bad boy? *Toss skull bone*
And Tong, wait staff around the world, from barmaids in Ironforge to bartenders in Dalaran, cheered your last line:

No, Tong, indeed, he is not nice. Not nice at all.

But *swoon!* Look who added me to Google +! Garrosh Hellscream! Coincidence? I don't think so.


Flex tonight was a mixed bag: Breige from Tiny WoW Guild joined us, and she's so much fun to hang with! She was a witness to some shenanigans. Not saying much else about it, but I will go on record as saying I love my women friends, I have always had women friends and co-workers, and if someone is being a ditz or asshat it's gender neutral for me. This old saw of 'women don't like other women' is a crock of shit. Using that as an excuse is casual sexism, and I won't stand for it. This aggression will not stand, man. The women on the flex team: you're awesome - Landica, you're funny, Hawt, you're a steely-eyed tank with nerves of steel, and for me, I'm funny as hell, (you just need to read raid chat) and Breige, always a darling.

Tome: you know I've got your back. Anytime you need something, call on me. Same goes for anyone.

If you listen to this and are still in a bad mood, you're effed up.


  1. Anonymous29.1.14

    LOL, now that was a funny post. I've only stepped into one flex raid and it was quite fun. The people can make all the difference which is why the guild runs on this server left a lot to be desired. Helps when the majority don't just have their alts in it (unless you're just a casual one).

  2. The Squirrels With Knives know you're the best wingman ever! That's so great that Breige came for a visit!. And OMG, the eyes of Garrosh are upon you!

  3. I think a sign of true gender equality is when we're allowed to be put off by someone, regardless of their gender. I think my "big" guild is awesome, and really like the members very much. If anyone is the weak link dos-wise it's me: I am really struggling with that shammy right now, and of course, I asked to go to the second wing to get the healing mace, and I guess the RL didn't hear my request(s), because we did the first part, the third, and started the fourth. No second. How we managed to everything but my one request not sure, but oh well. Need to give this some serious thought, but that serious thought will have to stand in line of all the other serious thoughts ahead of it. But Garrosh.../swoon


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