Sunday, January 19, 2014

There Is No Need To Be Upset, My Roge*...

Someone near and dear to me shared this with me awhile back, and I shared it on Facebook, saying it was my "corn kernel." One of my Facebook friends understood the reference. I love her all the more for that.

*watch the video

In the States, this is a national three-day weekend for government offices, and many employers recognize it too, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Some states, however, didn't recognize it.  The gravitas of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s contributions do not resound as deeply as they once did. We still have work to do. I've been reading Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. Let's just say Columbus Day never should have been a holiday. Nothing against the Knights of Columbus, mind you, but just saying.

But this post isn't about that. I have a three-day weekend, and I am selfishly going to use every minute to my personal, professional, and oh yes, Azerothian advantage.

Kellda + Cloak =Now.

Being at the Secrets of the Empire phase, Luperci dutifully went out and farmed some ore for her, (Mataoka's bags are too full, and Heartichoke can't fly yet.) Momokawa respectfully crafted trillium bars, and Kellda went in instance after instance seeking the Secrets. Not Victoria's Secrets, mind you: those are incredibly impractical:
For the love of God would someone please feed that starving child?

My warlock's been a bit off lately: however, in terms of gear, the RNGs have blessed this one bountifully--drops from Ordos rain down, LFR lovelies, and choices of swords, off-hands, and staffs abound. Valor points for upgrades? No problem. Like a VIP pass to a posh airport lounge, she has full access. But unfortunately, because of her human's slow fingers and sluggish hand-eye coordination, her overall damage is not nearly what it should be. Which may explain why, when seeking the assassination of one General Nazgrim, and the subsequent failure, she offered simple, direct advice of making sure adds went down.

And then a rogue simply, directly said to do more than 27K.

No need to be upset, my rogue! My rouge! My roge!

Oh, wait, what?! What?! Where are my damage meters? This is not possible! I'll show him! And sure enough, 28K, TYVM! I'll show him! I must have been chatting with a friend (yes, damage goes WAY down when in a conversation, but sometimes the chatter with friends is far more interesting than the pew pew), and I managed to get to about 93K, the General defeated, all was well, and only one Secret to go.

All this adventure, all this awesomesauce, while wearing the Pet Battle hat the entire time. 

Ironman? Hardcore Ironman? I say here's a challenge: go into every LFR with a Pet Battle hat and fishing pole equipped, and see how long it takes to get kicked. I just thank the heavens for once, ONCE, I kept my big pie-hole shut. I should send Good Sir Knight Z an apology note for my stupidity. Naw, never mind.

Anduin, I adore you more and more.

I must have too much on my mind that I forget something as simple as a pet battle hat. In my mental clutter, I need to dust something off:

Whose game is it, anyway?

Most players would agree that it's anyone who chooses to have a subscription. But then, in many discussions and philosophizing, I sense some fracturing and splintering happening. Who should be "able" to have access to the legendary cloak seemed to threaten or alarm some players. Who should be made to play with other players, be social? Or, who should be able to have strong opinions, and who should not?

But all this sturm und drang doesn't matter a hill of beans when those who lead us misstep, on occasion. For Blizzard, two statements stand out for me in terms of a company spokesperson being off-mark:

"This isn't the World of Dresscraft" and "boys' trip."
Q. We're going to see Draka, are we going to see Geyah? Since Zaela is going through with Garrosh, is Aggra and Thrall's little one going through with Thrall?A. We'll definitely see Draka, and we'll see Geyah -- although she's not really "Greatmother" Geyah at this point in history. But for those looking for Aggra, we won't be seeing her. Metzen says that that honeymoon period is over, and that this is more of a boy's trip.
He also says something about Thrall's story being too "touchy-feely." I know, right!? A character whose strength comes from his people and loyalties? Bah! Stupid Thrall. And Jainna?! Her whole world blows up, and all she loves dies, and she gets a bit angry, and folks start calling her a bitch? Come on Jainna, where's that pretty blonde mage we all know and love? Give us a smile, girl!

That's cool, Chris. That's cool. I'm sure the number of both male and female players who mog to their hearts' content have made a delicious crow pie for you to eat. And that Lewis & Clarke expedition was a "boys' trip" too, but would have had their nuts roasted if not for a little teenage girl with a baby on her back named Sacagawea.  And who needs to read Howard Zinn's book? Certainly the govenor of Indiana saw fit to ban it. Why provide access or inclusion when you can shut doors, or keep folks in the dark?

But no one cares about that sh*t. It's not Blizzard's responsibility to change the real world, is it? It's their mission to tell a good story, and by and large they do. Hmmmm. It does make me squirm a little bit that my hard-earned money sometimes goes toward someone who says things that make me feel uncomfortable in terms of my own values and beliefs. But I make the best decisions I can, and when voting with my consumer dollar, do the best I can. We can trace many products back to unsavory origins: I don't like Walmart, but I do like Target and Costco. Both have goods that may have been manufactured by workers who are not paid enough. Hell, there are social injustices all over the place! Damn, stepped in another one! Look out! There's one there, too! So if Mr. Metzen drops a few social landmines along the way, at least when they go off we can rez after a few seconds, and all is forgotten and forgiven. (CD Rogue knows, and every man knows, women…do…not…forget.)

Oh, damn, I didn't mean to make this a "very serious Matty" moment. DAMMIT! I'm going to go watch Doge feel better, because a world with flying lawnmowers and pretty dragons, it's all going to work out.

And it does.

Old Ladies Raiding Gulid: I adore you all.

No One Puts Momokawa in the Corner...

Postscript: thank you, Erinys, for this:


  1. This old lady adore you too for making OLRG happen. I have to go feed my doges now.

    1. Doges need a lot of love and care. So do druids, warlocks, and shammies. Adore you too, Tome!

  2. A long time ago, someone told me a theory that I have found to be generally applicable: Women forgive, but don't forget; Men don't forgive, but tend to forget. Just though I'd share that. :D

    1. I would agree with that truism: we all have blind spots, but sheesh. The other night CD Rogue tried to one-up me in an argument by bringing up something from my past, and I just said, "you really want to take on this challenge?" and in that, he acquiesced. Not much else though. Capricorns! Argh!

  3. Yay Seahawks!

    Sincerely, Thirteenth Man

    1. Go Hawks! I must confess I never watched a game this season and have no idea who the players are until the second half yesterday. Hey, my time is valuable! Sure I'll be watching Feb. 2…promises to be a tough competition


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