Sunday, January 5, 2014

Loose ends.

Wonderform? Isn't that a brand of bra I used to wear? 
See that Wonderfom Operator up there? Greatfather failed to collect them from Azeroth, and they seem bewildered and confused; they offer up a chance to go to Ironforge, yet, we all know that reindeer has sailed…This bug in Azeroth kind of sums up my day right now: I am not really clear on how it got to be 1:45PM on a Sunday afternoon, the end of my winter holiday, the beginning of a New Year, and a new vacuum cleaner (never underestimate the power of a nagging Matty at 8PM when there are Christmas tree remnants to be dealt with: CD Rogue -- to the store! AWAY!) I have wayyyy too much to do (don't we all), and I have reams of blog posts to write. Brevity, shall we say, is the substance of blogging, so, just a lick-and-a-promise to write more later:

First - OLRG - that's right. We rock. We're awesome. Uh huh! Tome did the honors and wrote a great post. I don't really want to talk about not having a shammy there and this dropping. I'll be really blunt: I tend not to get too broken up over gear/mog stuff - que sera sera, but damn, that one I must admit kind of broke my heart. I brought Momokawa, thinking to get lots of good druid stuff, but her rolls were most unlucky last night. Oh well. Sure that crown will drop when I'm on my warlock, or mage. Ugh.

Tome: Seahawks are playing January 11, by the way. Hard to sleep with the 12th Man. Oh wait. That didn't come out right.

But, not going to let a little thing like beautiful helms get me down! Helms that don't look like one's blow dryer exploded or a horrible curling iron mishap! No, not me! (SOB)

Okay - here's some big new: Rades put me on his blogroll! That is WAY better than a pretty crown, right princess!?! Sure it is! Buck up, blondy!

And I got this idea from him and Vidyala, and see that the Warchief is getting into it, too. I may just have to carve out some time, too. Still have a few stories simmering, and all will be well.

Okay: off to save the real world! Or at least run a few errands…


  1. Anonymous5.1.14

    Oh no. That is a lovely looking helm but I'm sure you'll get it one day. I still follow your idea about letting cross faction peeps get together for raids. That would be awesome.

    1. Well, hope so. I think the cross-faction playing idea needs to be a post all its own--it's overdue and would change things up for the better!

  2. Seahawks it is then! I was going to pretend the Packers were my team and root for them but unfortunately their trip to the superbowl ended last night. Go Seahawks!

    It's like a rule, I noticed leather dropping as soon as Cat left and the Warlock came in, lol.

    1. To be fair, I only watch the Superbowl if I have a team in the game, and it's looking pretty good this year! But like my mail mog drops, hope I didn't jinx it!


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