Monday, July 29, 2013

Aw, sugar!

I just eat this stuff up:

Can't wait to see if ya'll come up with anything!


  1. The first thing I thought of was the Bloodcup Braid, a charming little quest in Horde-side Ashenvale. You're out doing stuff at one of the Horde lumber camps in the eastern end of the zone when the orc who's in charge of the little group of quest-givers hands you one of his braids (cut off his head, of course). He tells you that his patrol won't take him back to Splintertree Post to see his sweetheart for some time and asks you to find bloodcup flowers, weave them into the braid, and bring the flower-adorned braid to her. When you get back to Splintertree Post, it turns out that his sweetheart is the fierce orc gal who's operating the demolisher, for whom you've already done a few quests. You give her the braid, and she gets all mushy and begins to cry for a minute -- "Oh, thank you for this gift! It means more than you could know. He hasn't forgotten...."

    1. That is darling - I forgot about the liason-between-lovers quests - there's one in the Elwynn Forest, and at one time you had to bring a soldier a pie or something, but not sure that one still exists! Ah, l'amour!

    2. The one to bring a soldier a pie was in Redridge Mountains, and the quest isn't there anymore because the soldier and his girl got married and now they have a kid!

    3. That must have been some kind if pie!


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