Tuesday, July 30, 2013

RTMT: A few of my favorite things, and no Von Trapps were harmed in the making of this post

Dornaa was told not to jump on the couch...
I was asleep, in fact, I was in what a Texas girlfriend called 'the biscuit.' The kind of sleep where even if you have to get up and pee, you could fall right back into, the kind of sleep where the temperature is perfect, the sheets are clean, and whatever else is on the agenda for the day is doable.

And then...

CD Rogue caught a cold over the weekend (he says sinus infection; I say the sniffles), and started blowing his nose, and if anything can shake one out of the biscuit zone, it's a snotty rogue. Now, there is a shabby, broken-down couch in the family room where I could repose, and I still may. I'm too sleepy to get any real serious writing done, so a collection of 'squees' before I consider jumping on the couch:

1. Boredom

No,  boredom is not one of my favorite things, but getting out of it is.

Perusing through Facebook, a teenager posted how bored he was:

Man, life is so boring. Everyday that I stay home, I do the same things everyday, and everyday im at school, I do the same things everyday. I need some adventure, I don't want to just go hangout at someones house or go out to eat, I want to go out on an adventure! F*ck this boring repetitive sh*t.

The grown-up response would be "then clean the bathroom" or something like that, but boredom affects everyone from time to time, and it doesn't seem to matter how much we have to do; if it's a grinding routine, it's boring. Sometimes though, I think you just have to give Boredom a big ol' squeeze, embrace it, and say, yup, you're Boring. Life by contrast, I suppose. Then when we're ready, we give Boredom its hat and send it on its way:

Inspired by http://www.kerismith.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/PocketScavengerflyersm.jpg  - make a list of obscure things to do when WoW is back on-line.

http://wowheadlines.com - I love this front-page of Azeroth news. It had a lot of quick links to 5.4 news, which I've been actively avoiding.

2. Is it Garrosh and me, or Garrosh and I? 

Neri Approves had this post the other day: http://neriapproves.com/2013/07/29/guild-macro-grammar-question/ and though I am not, IRL, exactly like Garrosh, I couldn't believe how much me and the tusked-one had in common. His blog is also one of my favorites: http://commandboard.wordpress.com

3. New Title: Romantic Geek
Yes, Navi. I am. What can I say? Everyone loves a good love story, with happy beginnings, endings, sad beginnings, and sad endings. All that awesomeness in between is good stuff.

4. The Graveyard Book
Erinys: our shared collective creative consciousness is cool. Thanks.  So many fun projects, including the spirituality posts, and examining death in Azeroth. I am so weird.

5. Ravens and Crows
I love noticing the small moments of light and magic in Azeroth - they come in the real world, too. You just have to look.


  1. Dornaa, live a little! Go on, jump up on that couch and have a nap!

    I hope CDR feels better soon and lowers the noise levels for sleeping Draenei!

  2. Oh! Wait! I forgot to tell you where the transformation came from!


  3. We had fish and chips by the sea last night and whilst I was waiting for Mr Harpy to pick up drinks afterwards, I watched a crow sitting on the railings for a while. It made me want to level mine in Pet Battles. There is something fascinating about them.

  4. Anonymous30.7.13

    Strictly speaking, whether it's "Garrosh and me" or "Garrosh and I" depends on whether you're using that phrase as the subject or object -- "Garrosh and I have similar views on grammar" (subject) vs. "I'm amazed by the linguistic sensibilities shared by Garrosh and me" (object).

    See? Check me out, laying grammatical knowledge on the collective asses of the internet!


    1. No need. I am ashamed at my lazy thought process. All I can say is it was early, and I was annoyed. I often am. It's how I roll. If I had not been so damn lazy, I would have completed my thought: "Garrosh and I share a love of the English language, and lemon squares." Or, "Lemon squares were enjoyed by me and Garrosh." But Mr. Snerguls, my editor, is away this week and has left me to my own impulsive tendencies. Consider my grammatical ass laid? Lie? PHRASING PEOPLE.

      Hey, I am hack writer. You get what you pay for.

  5. ....except that damn passive voice....help Mr. Snerguls!

  6. Pretty Rainbow birdies! !!


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