Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Matty Moth Superstar!

My buddy Krasher knows his business when it comes to pets, pet battles, and leveling them. He has been exceedingly generous with his time, information, expertise, and..PETS since pet battling came on deck. He made this great video showing how he levels pets quickly - I know many of you are experts in this, but what I like about this video he talks about how to stop or start certain spells -- something I am still not too great at, or know that much about. I tend to MASHALLTHINGs with my characters and pet battles, and then wonder why I fail so miserably?

Regardless, with no further ado:

WoW Pandaria Pet Power Leveling

My pets have all run feral lately, and I need to get on the stick. I seem to like getting them more than leveling, so this will help a lot! Enjoy!


  1. That is an awesome video. Anubisath Idol is one of my faves for power leveling!

    Thundering used to make me so mad. Idk how I got through every tamer, (that rewards a bag) every day while power leveling. Thundering is a jerk!

    Good luck with your pet leveling!

  2. That's really a really helpful pet battle video - different to how I do it but hey I'm not super star expert!

  3. That was excellent! I haven't used my Anubisath Idol in a team yet. Now I think I'll have to dust him off and try this out.

  4. He has a nice, calm instructive voice, too; refreshing in these days of being screeched at constantly. Glad you liked it - he'll be pleased!

  5. Anonymous1.8.13

    Oh nice video and I noticed you have a new blogroll. Apologies for my latest video squealing in advance. :P

    1. Squeeling is perfectly acceptable! I'm trying to clean up this blog a bit, but it's still fairly tangled. Oh well.


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