Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dreams of Darnassus....

Ah, insomnia. Lovely, interesting, mind-bending insomnia. I told a dear friend I would go to a writer thing today (and see some of my favorite people) and yet again, 3:11 AM needs me, and has me scheduled to toss and turn until 4:36 AM or so, therefore I am feeling a little grumbly. But, I have to say, when trying to go back to sleep, nothing is as meditative as imagining myself in one of the Keebler tree-forts the Night Elves have built: open moon breezes, soft downy comforters, and polite crickets lull me back to sleep.

Question: when you're feeling stressed out, can't sleep, or need to pull it together, where do you go in Azeroth in your mind's eye?


  1. Thanks for the blog fodder, Matty! http://wishfullthought.blogspot.com/2013/07/turn-off-music-in-kalimdor.html

  2. It would be Darnassus and a little house in Winterspring too. When the weather's cold and dreary I fix that with a dose of Tanaris and Uldum!

  3. I must make a post too thanks Insomniac matty!

  4. Definitely Uldum, in one of the sailboats dotted around the bay near the delta.

    1. I agree, and thank you for a link to your great blog!

  5. Kallixta is chilling with the Wildhammers in The Hinterlands, watching Gryphons float along close to the ground.


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