Tuesday, July 23, 2013

RTMT: Give it away, give it away, give it away now...

Dornaa thought to herself, "Dude, seriously, not your best pick-up line..."
"Despite every effort, I am unable to hear what he is trying to tell me."

Today's Random Tuesday Morning Thought comes from the makers of CrazyDreams and Good Intentions Candy Company: when you absolutely, positively, do not have to page Dr. Jung to figure it out, and pave your way to hell there and back again with sugar-coated sentiments.

Part I: Adam Sandler, Why The Hell Are You Here?

Health confession (hate making these, but then again I think if I share this, and someone else needs the help, then maybe I'm doing some good?): I have had sleep apnea since before I was a teenager. I would wake up with turtle headaches, and though I was skinny and didn't drink whisky at twelve, off and on I would snore and not get any sleep. It took me decades to get this "fixed," although the solution is to place a giant rubber squid on my face before I sleep. My vanity will be my health downfall. Sleep issues are serious business, and the more doctors study it, the more it's become a booming business, AND has links to all kinds of maladies: weight issues, demetia*, heart problems, etc. When I wear it, I do not remember dreams, though I know I have them. Everyone dreams. It's critical for mental health. Most mornings though, if I wake up at 430AM, I am too lazy to put it back on, and then I occasionally remember my dreams. This morning's was a doozy: I was at some competition with a large group, my age was in my 20s, and I was not prepared. (Listen to Illidan much, Matty?) Everywhere I went I ran late, if there was a buffet I would be last in line, I spilled things, the berries ran out, one of my friend/colleagues (who is a very, very large woman) was saving a seat for me and I put down my paper plate of fruit and crackers, running off to go do something else and being unsuccessful in whatever that thing was, and worrying that she would continue to hold the seat for me, and I never returned. No, I didn't return because I was scheduled to go listen to a podcast about skateboarders, and went to change my clothes, but there was no privacy in the tiny youth-hostile style room, and I had no more clean clothes. Yes, I went to the podcast naked. Adam Sandler was there, half trying to find some clothes for me, and full-on laughing at me.

I think next time I'll put on my sleep mask again.

Part II: Social Contract
Gumi, one day you will be mine, but today is not that day. No matter if it is 11:11, the wishing time.

I wanted to point your attention to Erinys' fabulous ideas for her imaginings of a Blizzard store:


Those are remarkable ideas. My next ramblings however, do not take anything away from these great ideas, but something CD Rogue said this morning reminded me of what I really want to see in the Blizzard store. He has jury duty this week, and though he cannot talk about the case, he may be there for a bit which implies it may be somewhat serious. On his way out, he told me he donated his gas mileage reimbursement and per diem to the daycare center at the court house, which is solely funded by donations. The day care is for children whose parents are going through domestic legal issues. Ah yes. I know. We are a penny-wise, pound-foolish society.


Anyway, one thing I would like to see in the Blizz store are more charity pets: say  for every three new items, mounts, or pets, there is one that the proceeds would go to a worthy cause, say the World's Children's Fund, or some other global cause. Consider a portion of pet sales to go towards helping the world's real animals.

And right about now, my Facebook envy is over --friends are in London and just caught the big to-do over the new Royal, but I'll be in town when this new addition hits the ground:


Editor's Note: Navi, I have not forgotten. 

Theme song: Lorde/Royals

*You may not want to listen to this story about demetia, old people, and sex, but I thought it was interesting. And now I now why I listen to podcasts naked with Adam Sandler.

This just in! Breaking Shaman news! Thanks, Luxypie!

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