Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sweet Shoppe

Yes, that's "shop" with the superfluous "pe" at the end to tart it up. Disclaimer, after a fashion: I realize my post On the level failed to address directly the leveling issue, but had more links to the new game store. As I sit here staring at another huge IRS bill, student loans, and other gold sinks in my real world, I'm feeling a bit weary of Blizzard taking its bite, too. I know how Bear feels. But in truth, I don't really mind them selling extra wares. It's going to take my own self-control not to condone my own shopping therapy and buy stuff. Besides, the BMAH already took care of the 'never too late to have a happy childhood' facet for most players. I just never have the gold, my own fault, but I don't. So a'grinding I shall go.

The question we fanciful bloggers ask, though, is if we could put things in the store, what would we? So by the power of three, I shall think of my wishes:

1. A way to trade weapons/gear among my alts, making them account bound. (This will solved the bag/bank/vault issue that drives me bonkers)
2. A way to truly use professions as an entertaining, accessible, and engaging way (I am looking at you spirits of harmony and haunted doo-hookies)
3. A sounvenir bag to collect things for alts, no matter what character I am on.

In other words, I want an 'alt' game, not a "main" game.

Ah, damn, this post isn't very funny or creative: I have to meet some colleagues to catch a ride into the city for a long-ass day. And I'm cranky. And I think that's the taxman on caller ID. Gotta go!

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  1. Every once in a while I feel I'm being punished. I like professions but enough with the damn spirits of harmony already. I want to let my big shot exalted with the Tillers character help out some alts. They want to share! Let them Blizzard, sharing is a good thing to encourage!

    Hope the long-ass day at least goes well.

  2. Anonymous16.7.13

    I agree whole-heartedly. As a massive lover of alts, its so frustrating that there are things I can't share. I see blizz going towards the account thing rather than single toon in so many ways - account bound mounts, pets, titles, rep commendations etc. If only they go that bit further the game would be amazing. I hate that my silly druid has 20 spirits of harmony and doesn't really need them anymore for her professions and my priest has none.
    Also hoping your days goes smoothly and fast :)

  3. I am sorry this post was so dull - just...just....couldn't write it. I just want to play my alts, because well, sometimes I feel like shining light, or tossing water, or throwing leaves...just want to play...Seems like you both get that! :)

    Spirits of harmony....pfffft


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