Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sometimes the bear eats you...

If you disagree with this post go get your own blog.

Ever have one of those days? Those days you tell yourself, in spite of mounting evidence to the contrary, that you should do anything, anything, but what destiny, what fate lies before you? The fate you keep plunging toward, falling on swords, and tripping over feet? Today was one of those days I tripped over swords to fall on feet made of swords over my own feet. It was bad.

And this is one of those posts where I shouldn't write/publish based on emotions, those damn woman emotions!

Maybe if I put it in bullet points, I can be concise and logical (although is testosterone logical? It thinks it is...but it's not, not really)

  • Some of the worst LFR groups I've seen in a long time while trying to get a few things
  • And I don't mean one or two: I mean more than ten, on every character..
  • Total meltdown on Kellda the Warlock today - and I mean epic failures of epic epiccy epicness - so much so it should be a new achievement: Make A Minion Cry - 20 points.
  • My own failings at shaman healing, so much so when I told my RL I'd leave, he didn't try to talk me out of it (PS He shouldn't have: if I was holding back the group I should leave- no harm no foul in that)
Why? What happened?

Well, for starters, "managing expectations." When the RL tells the group "we all know the fight" and it's my first time doing a normal 10-man, that learning curve was too steep for me. No one else as far as I knew knew how noob I am to this. My new UI is horrible. I'm still having computer issues, and my mouse went nuts. I was awful. I dispelled at the wrong time and the priest told me "I hate you," in that smug way that only priests with midwestern drawls can, and though I told the RL I was at 60% durability, he decided to wait for me to repair. My shaman is sitting right now in the Shrine at 50%, crying her eyes out, wishing she's never dropped a totem or said how-do-you-do. Poor thing. Not to mention her human who's crying right now too. 

Being new to a group is tough. It's even tougher when expectations aren't clear: I am new. I don't know everything. Please stay near me and my totems and don't run into traffic. 

I have been seriously thinking for a while now about Azeroth. It's funny when people tell me "you want something else out of the game." To me, that's like telling me, "Oh, you want that broken down truck, and not the new Lexus, cause that's what I see you driving." 

But I just suck. And I am taking my ball and going home. I can't handle smug priests or cute warlocks anymore. Guess sometimes the bear does indeed eat us. Hope I tasted good. Roast draenei on a stick.

I need a /hug


  1. Awww /hugs!

    I hate those days. :(

  2. /hug. I hate seeing what these cretins can do do good people. I'm so sorry that things are going so hard for you right now. Please don't give in to despair. You are such a vibrant and wonderful person who just found herself surrounded by people who don't understand and appreciate you. Be strong. You've got friends. Taikuutta

    1. I feel like a big baby right now, Taikuutta, but man oh man, thank you for those kind words! Gives me the gumption to shake it off! I went for a walk yesterday and joked that I made myself "take a lap" from my inner coach!

  3. *hugs*
    I'm so sorry your day went so badly. I hope your raid team realizes it's just your newness and helps you with strategies and stuff!

    There are reasons I go on free-to-play holidays. One is because money is tight during the summer. The other is because I start out my summer vacation all gung-ho with a plan and by the middle of my break I start to feel pain when I log in because it has become work. I've been opening and closing rifts these past few days. I'll be back soon, Azeroth :)


      Yeah. Know how that goes!

  4. Many hugs! "we all know the fight" is one of the most awful words to hear and I've found saying or shouting "no, no I don't" is never, ever heard.

    We should start a raid group for nicely dispositioned people who don't know the fights and have severe lag. We can't be the only ones, can we?

  5. Thank you all: the hugs were welcome and well received. I am not sure why I keep moving forward when I should just go back to the inn and crawl into a virtual bed. This was a shameless plug of self-pity and for that I apologize. Currently dusting self off, making coffee, and snapping out of it. Silly draenei: raiding is for kids!

  6. aye lossie, ye ken once ye go dwarf, ye wi'go arf.

    bes' ta hugs to ye


    1. It's okay Roo - most of my pain is self-inflicted: I cause my own problems.

  7. /hug
    Having heard a bit about your bad day I thought I'd wait because I'd be upset, but now I am reading it, it still upsets me :(

    How I wish you were on Aussie times so you can raid with us. Then I can see how bad you really are... :P but when you're with friends, it's a little more forgiving. And we'd explain it properly too :P


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