Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gas leak.

Why can't I shake the feeling that I'm always, always running behind in Azeroth now? I appreciate Blizzard putting the new content on a faster conveyor belt, but I do feel behind, constantly. Cue soundtrack of Carl Stalling's Powerhouse.

Last night I was staring at my characters, and though they have much to do in game, "they" all felt paralyzingly restless. I told Navimie that the feeling I had was like a boyfriend had just broken up with me and all I could do was find a spoon and a pint of Häagen-Dazs. (The 'boyfriend' is metaphorically my current engagement with projects, or lack thereof; spoon and ice cream symbolizing temporary cures.) Well, to be completely honest, it would not be Häagen-Daz, but perhaps Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, or Chubby Hubby. But that's a detail you really didn't need to know. Pistachio gelato is my all-time favorite, probably because it's difficult to get, and no one else likes it but me. Anyway -- damn, where was I? Oh yes. That feeling that something is broken, or a path turned a different way, and the next way isn't clear yet. So what else is a girl to do? Why, play your mage of course! Irate Mage decided to finish up her Master of the Ways title, gold be damned! Juicy carrots at market premium because of a frost in the Jade Forest, and between fishing, putting items in the pantry, etc. she spent -well--too much--but she's good for it! Swear! A Draenei always pays her debts. The thought of farming for myself again was so crippling boring, I just could not do it. Sometimes ya just gotta throw gold at a problem.

Anyway, so 5.4 is just around the corner. Here is all I know about it, and there are spoilers:

Wrathion: http://wow.joystiq.com/2013/07/21/know-your-lore-the-mysterious-motives-of-wrathion/
Shaman Glyphs: http://luxypieandrainbows.blogspot.com/2013/07/54-shaman-glyphs.html

Speaking of throwing gold at a problem, my Mary Kay rep caught up with me recently; she has a preternatural ability to know exactly when the cleansers and mascara run dry. Whether or not these skin care products and elixirs hold back the ravages of time, I do not know. But it smells good and makes me feel pretty, albeit temporarily. Off to the ice cream shop...back in a bit. Temporary joys are better than nothing at all, right?

And men: eat breakfast! It's good for your hearts!


  1. Oh geez, you scared me. I thought you had a gas leak at your home.

    Yeah, my Alliance Warlock is pretty pissed she was left to go sixth. No idea how she'll get dressed though as with this kind of lag I don't feel right joining a group and standing there locked in a cast for five minutes. It's always something, maybe I'll try the ice cream cure!

    1. Everyone has been reporting in trade chat and in instances that there is lag, freezing up, etc., so go for it. Just go, and do not worry. For better or worse, we are one little pixel map in an ocean of data, so though you may feel the spotlight is on you, and just you, I promise you it's not. Get that lock geared before she causes some real harm!

      Sorry about the scary title - I tried for several but this is what I landed on. Didn't mean to cause alarm, nothing to see here, folks!

      And ice cream always works! Hooray! I scream, you scream, let's all scream for ice cream!

  2. and I thought someone actually pull someone's finger.... there ya go, Roo thinking again. :(

    1. Fart jokes NEVER fail to make me giggle!

    2. [roo looks around to see where he is] so you giggled? Nah, you didn't.



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