Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thank heavens for little book worms...

Came across this link from a smart friend:

Not only is this a great article, something I believe all of us will love and appreciate, but the blog is pretty spiffy, too. I know, I know -- for someone who can't enter Azeroth right now and has the Internet availability of a conquistador who didn't pay their cell phone bill, that may seem hypocritical to send you off in other directions.  But hey, that's what I do!

As some of you have gathered in the GB Gnome's Travel Journal, Irate Mage has some interpersonal relationship bugaboos with the high levels of testosterone in the Matty-shack, which sometimes means it's 3 against 1. When "they" talk to her about what she's reading...then she's a happy camper.

(How come every time I slip into third person I feel like I'm Tony living in Danny's finger saying "Redrum?")

Anyway, good stuff.

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