Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Storm warning....

The shaman felt her lightning shield spark, an anomaly. Warning: Do not replace healing rain with gasoline. As it was, she dropped her healing tide totem, and reminded herself to calm down. This wasn't the first time her 'unedited big mouth' debuff got in the way of harmless thoughts.

"Nits in beards indeed...!" she mumbled to herself. "I'll have to defend my love of Dwarfs, I suppose..."

So to dearest Roo -- after you read these loving tributes of Mataoka's clear and respectful relationship to her adopted Dwarven brethren, if you still believe she owes you an apology for the nit comment (it was true! The nit was in the tater salad! Or wait, maybe it was an errant poppy seed...), then let her know.

But be warned: anytime a shaman tells you she wants to 'have a chat' better hope the levee holds:

Blackberry Winter

Drinks with Dwarfs, revisited

Unsung Heroine: Moira

Tiny Story Time for Day Twenty

Now - why, oh why??!?!?!

Young leet druid thought it was high time I redo my UI. I have a stomach ache now, and hours to go to even get to the point I can whack on a target dummy.

Maybe I'll just go get a pedicure instead, but this links will be a topic of discussion in the near future:


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  1. LOL, oh Lossie. Aye, tis be a tiny pooppy seed, no' a nit.



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