Saturday, July 27, 2013

Well there's your problem...

Oh, silly mortal personalities. We focus on the things that are important to us. Well, duh! Let me share how my dog Snickers has me trained: every morning, when I let him out, he goes, but quickly returns, yipping, to the back door. It wasn't always this way. He used to go out, return, and that was that, but then I started giving him some treats for his bad breath, and now he goes out, comes quickly back, has fooled me into thinking he's ready to be inside, and gets a treat, and then two minutes later, yips to go outside again, for real this time. He does this routine, (sans the treat, because that's only in the morning), anytime I am downstairs. And I am always downstairs. His behavior is so obvious, so deeply grooved in our routine, I know that to break this cycle would take monumental effort on my part. I hate his little yips, and moreover, the break in my concentration. Do I hate my dog? Of course not! He's super sweet, comes when I call him, and looks like a little Ewok. In his world, I am the alpha, and his unconditional love never ceases.

Oh no. OH no oh noooo! I did NOT just share an anecdote about my dog and then segue to one about CD Rogue! Oh that would make him crazy! CD, not the dog. He is not a fan of the dog. He is not a fan of any ill-trained domesticated animals. Cats? Fuggedaboutit. Because he loves me he tolerates my love of animals, but trust me, there is no sharing of "Can you believe what Snickers did?" without a lot of eye rolling and "It's your own fault." Fine. If I want a dog whisperer I'll call Cesar Millan in here. Or I'll just send Snickers to go live with him and the pit bulls. 

So I don't have a "must love dogs" situation. But I have traded off that I can at least have someone who can fix my computer, right? He's been a computer guru since tin cans and string upgraded to aluminum. But that is not how things work necessarily at the Matty-shack. I have a problem, I am expected to fix it myself. I shared my computer problems with my friend Turk, and reported his diagnosis to CD Rogue. Fast forward: no one likes another computer geek in the hen house, I suppose, because CD did take a look at my computer, saw I was operating with only 2GB of RAM, watched a video on how to change it  (something he used to do on his own computers ALL THE TIME), and voila! Ordered new RAM and it should be fixed this week. (Still doesn't address the Comcast issues, but it should help tremendously.) Hell, WoW alone probably eats up 2GB, let alone all those screenshots and short stories I have going on. 

Do you see what I'm dealing with here people? But it makes sense. We only can make so many priorities: and though I know if it was his computer it would have been long repaired by now, I guess I just have to think at least it's getting done now. Or soon anyway. In the meantime, I can still limp along, looking for mounts, pets, and LFR. And tripping over the invisible threshold on the floors, by the doors, of the Shrine. Someone should really nail that down; there could be a lawsuit.


  1. It's not just me? Those damn thresholds, apparently Pandaren are practical jokers. Next they'll have whoopee cushions on the bar stools.

    Oh no, my dog does the same thing just without the yipping. Instead I get a single LOUD bratty commanding bark. I admit he is spoiled but he has his moments. The first time he saw me swimming he jumped in to "save" me although he's terrified of water. It all evens out, lol.

    1. Some days I think I will send CD Rogue to go live with the pit bills....he hes his moments too (but don't we all?) Maybe Blizzard built those models so fast they had to hire unskilled craftsmen but man does that get old! Glad I am not the only one.


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