Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Magical thinking...

I'm off again to Seattle for most of the day, finding solo activites to pass my time, and am bringing my rusty, sake-spit laptop (that's sock-kay, yes the one I choked on a shot of sake one night and messed up the keyboard).

Seriously - this waking up at 430 or 445 has got to STOP. I know it's a combination of stress, genetics, and well, not sure what else, but it's starting to make me a little bonkers. I mean, damn, I have often joked that in a past life I was a milkmaid, some kind of lowly peasant, but this carry-over is getting on my last nerve. Oh well.

But what cheers me is Navimie wrote a poem about my epic Helm of the Fierce Bison, or my and Tome's HOT-FAB.

The Helm of Fierce Bison's misleading
Won't give me protection I'm needing
It looks cute on my head
But no use if I'm dead
Or lying there crippled and bleeding.

I think there's is a rebuttal in me; hopefully I won't be too sleepy to get it out! I'll sit on a street corner in Seattle, wearing the helm, and see if anything comes to mind!


  1. I wake up every day at 4:30 too but I know the reason, it's my dog. My husband gets up every day at 4:30 so on the weekends the dog makes sure he doesn't over sleep. Such a helper, lol.

    I love the poem of the HoFB and really looking forward to a rebuttal!

  2. Alas, this is something I can't blame on any dog, mine or yours. it comes in handy during the fall/winter, but right now...not so much. Although I did have to get up at 6AM to be somewhere, so getting up early meant I could log on and make a Royal there's that, right? Something positive!


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