Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stitch in time...

This is brilliant little cosplay video from the recent ComicCon in San Diego:

Damn! I don't think there are strong enough push-up bras in the world for the super-heroics that would need to happen if I wanted to look like the opening shot--okay, okay --don't panic Matty...Blizzcon's a few months away...(believe me little girls: if I wore a push-up bra you'd rethink your time spent in puberty and go cryin' home to your mommas...this is big girl stuff).

...I mean, I could always buy these monstrosities:
...and I have a wonderful friend who is an amazing costume designer/seamstress and I'm sure she'd be able to whip me up some horns and a tail? I mean, how silly and much of a stunt-woman do I want to be? Do I use some pyrotechnics and set my shoulders on fire for a Firelands' look? Do I go all Luperci the Paladin on their butts, swinging shields and hammers? Oh, gee, those would never get past airport security!

Oh who am I kidding? I may be a Draenei on the inside, but my outer shell is much closer aligned with Kellda. I could get my friend to sew me a few following minions in the style of Steampunk plushies:

...and put them on 'invisible dog' trick wires so it looks like they're following me:
Now, what else would complete the look?
Maybe two years of Pilates and organic fel-colon cleansing juice. How do you think those warlocks stay so slim? Might want to see a doctor about those two things growing out of my head, though. Hornectomy? Now to find a surgeon who'll do my bidding...


  1. Some of those costumes were incredible, in fact the predator one couldn't have been a costume. I think that was a real predator! eeeeeeee!

    1. I had to watch the video again - good thing cause I missed it the first time. Would have been gobbled up fo'sho!


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