Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dornaa saves the day, again

Dornaa and her baby chick Momo find time to read fairy tales to her 'past/present/future self' Dornaa...trippy. Phew! Some troll baby needs his diaper changed...

That poor little baby shammy! Man did she get saddled with a lot lately: saving tadpole murlocs, saving my love of shamans, reading bedtime stories to orphans, and now she's in charge of getting the Netherwing mounts:

Do these tusks make my butt look big?
Yes, that's our lovely Dornaa, disguised as an orc, taking orders from Overlord Mor'ghor. Young leet druid looked over my shoulder and suggested I should be doing this on one of my level 90s, that it would take a long time to get exalted. As far as time efficiency is concerned, he's right; however, as far as having a new challenge goes, no. I researched these drakes and knew first I would have to get Dornaa to not only level 70 to get the first quest from Mordenai (who kind of breaks my heart a little bit - not sure why) and since I am really enjoying seeing the world through Dornaa's eyes, it seemed natural that she should do this very old content like it was new. To me, it is.

I do appreciate 'sure things;' the reputation grinds that will lead to something worthwhile--the Winterspring cubs, the factions with their stables of mounts, even the Twilight drake drops like a blue gumball in an all-blue gumball dispenser. I tried to borrow some of the luck Tome was having the other day and see if I could get the Swift White Hawkstrider and took six of the girls to Quel'Danas for picnics with Husks and fried chicken, but alas, no White Strider for me. But an interesting thing happened on the way to Kael'thas' chicken coop: only Momokawa could get all the mana wyrms in a near-perfect circle -- all the others made a big mess of mana guts all over the place. Must be a druid thing:

So off I go, hunting for dragon eggs and talking to orcs and goblins. Ah, the things I do for love.

Oh, is this considered killing time?

Theme song: Miguel/Sure Thing

These lyrics are silly - but I love the comment from the young lady, "like even though it's from 2009' - yeah, we can't like songs older than five minutes!


  1. I really enjoyed doing these and was a little sad when they were done. I did them the easy way at 85 though. Long live the booterang!

    1. So far, so good, but yes, a little grindy for a level 70/71, but hey, must keep something challenging!

    2. Anonymous28.7.13

      Oh I used to love trying to make patterns with the wrymlings but I never saw a circle before, super cool.

    3. Oh fun - I would never think of trying to make a pattern - but the hurricane made it easy on my druid - definitely caught my attention :)

  2. Replies
    1. A shaman would have made a big mess of it - leave it to a druid to get it right! :)


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