Sunday, July 21, 2013

Goodnight, moon

Tonight as I'm going to bed,  CD Rogue asked me, "Did you save Azeroth?" He's been obsessively playing Kerbal Space Program,  and I'm feeling the lost Prince of Persia weekend all over again.

I have been feeling in a funk off and on for a bit, it happens. Lessons I should know well seem to keep making repeat offenses, such as, "I have a big damn mouth and should mind my own damn business" lesson, and there's the other one: "Take a hint, dork." And the ever popular, "If you just went for a walk or read a book you'd feel better."

The answer to his question is "No, I didn't save Azeroth; I tried."

I remember why I started this blog-- I thought it would be so clever to do a play on words of sugar & spice, and stake a claim that I could save my own bad self from dragons. Alas, I cannot. If muddying the waters, making things complicated, or crying over spilled mojo was a thing, I would win. I haven't been able to save anyone, or even help anyone-- my superpowers seem to come up short at the Elwynn Forest border.

Right now I'm trying to tell myself to take tomorrow off from Azeroth. I don't seem to be doing anybody, including myself, any good. Steer clear of the routine, the ritual, and the noise. But more so, the silence: the vast gulfs of unsaid thoughts, edited for better or worse. I'll report back soon.

Oh: If you want a visually stunning tale, that though the book seems big in paper usuage, there aren't a lot of words:
The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick


  1. Gosh, I guess we better hurry up with saving Azeroth if CDR is out there conquering space.

    Have a good day off if you take it!

    1. Dang, I'm not sure space is safe either - keeps crashing lunar missions into the moon! Poor thing, oh well...I may use the laptop off to the side to keep bear taming hopes and Unborn Valkyr dreams fueled while I do the "big work" on the computer. We'll see - it's tough to stay away, no matter how much I talk big.


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