Thursday, July 18, 2013

Keeping the crazy in...

Pretty much sums up my inner mindset right now.
I was trying to keep it under my hat, but since Tome went and decided to put a Goth Bratz doll and show off her Helm of the Fierce Bison on her blog, well I guess now the story can be told.

Yes, the only souvenir I bought for someone else besides myself or a family member was the Helm of the Fierce Bison for Tome. In turn, she sent me a Spectral Porcupine. It's lovely. It's shiny. It sparkles and makes me happy. When I found the HOTFB - yes, now it shall be the acronym HOT-B, it was in a little shop by the only diner in Yellowstone that had a half-decent burger. I am warning you all now: the food in Yellowstone has much to be desired. Many of the food services are run by privatized companies that know that travelers have no options, consumer voice, or "vote with their dollar" rights. I'm not saying the US Government could have done better, but the food and lodging SUCKS. It's overpriced, small portions, and worse than most school lunches. That's right: WORSE THAN A SCHOOL LUNCH. The cheese fries CD Rogue ordered were covered in something that may at one time been 1% dairy and 99% snot. No joke. When an establishment can't even do fake hot cheese right...we are all truly going to Hell.

Did I mean to go on a rant about privatization of our natural resources? No. Sorry. I'll write my congress people a strongly worded letter. Sure. Right after this next LFR.

Anyway, I bought my own HOTFB at a small shop, and the next day when we were leaving, and I saw how much Tome appreciate my creative millinery mastery, I knew I had to pick one up for her too. I perused the sounvenir shop by our lodge (this is after creepy hotel clerk guy, so I was a little shaken) and the only knit cap was a moose. A moose? A moose will not do. No. Not a moose. MUST BE BISON! I went ahead and purchased the moose, and then --no -- not going to happen -- this is about to turn into the longest, most boring anecdote ever written, and will put such a debuff of ennui and sadness on you all, you will walk around the rest of the day wondering why you wasted your life, and where did it all go horribly wrong?

Fast-forward: it took three clerks to go into the depths of the shop to find another HOTFB, and twenty minutes of wait time. It was worth it though -- every minute. To obtain the HOTFB for Tome, and know that she would wear it in health and hotness while walking her pups, that no one would mess with her, and that like me, wearing this helm would keep THE CRAZY IN...(did you know it did that Tome? It does.).

Tome: I knew you would appreciate it. Now don't tell Blizzard how much you like it, or they'll put it in their hat store, and everyone will want one, and we won't get anything. 

In other news: I went to a "real" raid Tuesday and Wednesday, and might go tonight, with Mataoka as a healer. I am so used to rolling my coins on gear that I accidentally rolled and won the Tortos' shield and it dropped anyway. NOOOOOOOB!

I really like it, and it's way better than LFR, and I know Allysia is being patient with me, but but but...just so much of this game I can't and don't want to do solo, and so many more things I do want to. Better go find my helm, cause the crazy is leaking....

Theme Song: Go It Alone/Beck


  1. Oh no! I spilled the beans! I was just so excited about my HOTFB. I'm happy to hear it keeps the crazy in although I'm pretty sure even if you drilled a hole in my skull you couldn't get it out, lol.

    That's great about raiding, perhaps wearing the HOTFB will even make your heals healier!

    1. I wish I could say it made the heals healier, but alas...twas not meant to be...

      Maybe Blizz will market it and give us a free one! Sure...right!


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