Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 12: Micro Macro

Dancing with myself...and a fire elemental...

Got this idea from a shaman named Elizabeth, whom I presume is no longer playing:

/s  It's Raining Elves!
/cast Healing Rain
/equipset naked

Elizabeth was, and possibly is, the most wonderful of shamans. I will forever thank her for naked rain dancing.

This macro doesn't really work, because the target placed spell of Healing Rain cancels out all dancing. She suggested placing it first, then the macro, which is better.

I wish I had some real-life macros, like this one:

/s Pay Bills!
/cast Bill Payer
/s Why is all the rum gone?

It's Raining Men/Weather Girls


  1. Thats a brilliant macro! (even if it doesnt work properly)

  2. It is fun to see all clothes drop off and immediate dancing...but then again that's my exhibitionist side!


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