Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 23: Yellow


Yellow: I read somewhere never to paint a baby's room yellow because it can cause stress (not sure in the baby or the nursing mother, but immaterial I suppose). Yellow is a primary color I tend to shy away from: it is the color of caution, warning, or unadulterated notice. It is the original color of Post-It notes and piss. Dandelions are yellow: I hate dandelions. They remind me of sloth and carelessness, despite their cautionary message.

And yet, I cannot live without yellow. No one can. It is the color that creates orange, and green, the color that gives voice to the stronger, more saturated hues, reminding us of why we love them. It doesn't associate with purple, or indigo: but it makes the moon creamy and dance with the velvet, and gives the fire the light: it is the color, with its brethren red and orange, of warmth.

One of my favorite sites is National Geographic, for many reasons, but one of their photography series is Life in Color. This is the Life in Color: Yellow link.

I had originally thought to do a full, sunny, blinding Quel'Danas shot, but last night, while Kellaen was exploring, she discovered the hovel of one Captain Beld of the Dark Iron Clan. Unfortunately, he had to die by her sword, too, but he was all right. He came back to fight another day.
Do not cry for Captain Beld: he's all right.
Do you see how yellow, when it does not try to dominate, creates magic in a palette? This hearth may be one of the most beautiful in Azeroth. The golden bottles illuminate tiny spaces on the mantle. Yellow, in small doses, is as necessary as fireflies and desired as butter.

No other choice: Yellow/Cold Play


  1. Rut're gonna hate my screenshot for "yellow" then. If you take a peek at it wear a pair of Rhinestone Suglasses, or Ruby Shades.

    That is a very pretty hearth however. Very nice find!

    1. Trust me, if it's what I think it is, I use that place as S.A.D. therapy from living in the gloomy Northwest! Just one look at that place and I feel better! Got my ruby shades ready worries! lol!

  2. Anonymous21.8.13

    I feel warm just looking at that shot and I could always do with a little Coldplay :)

    1. There was really no other choice, and it is a beautiful song.

  3. I'm getting lost in the days, I keep thinking I've already read them and find I haven't. Some of these remind me of your road trip. I want to go try to find the location of some of these shots.

  4. I was thinking the same thing! That's why this has been fun to do - focus, deadlines, and fun - my favorite things.


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