Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 31: Dangerous


This is the most dangerous thing I can think of: zealotry justice.

Gallow's Pole/Led Zeppelin


  1. Every time I watch your videos I go on a video tour from the suggestions. I always find it interesting where I end up.

    This time Gallows Pole lead me to this.

    Will these games never leave me alone, lol.

  2. Ah, that looks epic!! So much of my gameplay is limited by my machines: all other consoles/computers are occupied. Oh well. Maybe I'll just watch the movie(s) again on MY TV that I PAID FOR -- lol!

  3. Danger? Hah, I walk on the wild side, I laugh in the face of danger. Ha-ha-ha! - Simba, the Lion King

  4. Oh Navi! With your one quote I got so nostalgic for a little cub I know!! /sob!


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