Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 16: Cooking


The "skullery"

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker...
 So far my favorite character in Orange is the New Black is far and away Red, the Russian cook. Rule number one in prison: don't piss off the cook.  I think these gentlemen in Karazhan's kitchens would agree. The guests don't seem to live too long, and the wait staff is down-right skeletal.

 The Gourmet's Love-Song

      HOW strange is Love: I am not one
      Who Cupid's power belittles,
      For Cupid 'tis who makes me shun
      My customary victuals.
      Of, Effie, since that painful scene
      That left me broken-hearted,
      My appetite, erstwhile so keen,
      Has utterly departed.
      My form, my friends observe with pain,
      Is growing daily thinner.
      Love only occupies the brain
      That once could think of dinner.
      Around me myriad waiters flit,
      With meat and drink to ply men;
      Alone, disconsolate, I sit,
      And feed on thoughts of Hymen.
      The kindly waiters hear my groan,
      They strive to charm with curry;
      They tempt me with a devilled bone --
      I beg them not to worry.
      Soup, whitebait, entrées, fricasees,
      They bring me uninvited.
      I need them not, for what are these
      To one whose life is blighted?
      They show me dishes rich and rare,
      But ah! my pulse no joy stirs,
      For savouries I've ceased to care,
      I hate the thought of oysters.
      They bring me roast, they bring me boiled,
      But all in vain they woo me;
      The waiters softly mutter, 'Foiled!'
      The chef, poor man, looks gloomy.
      So, Effie, turn that shell-like ear,
      Nor to my sighing close it,
      You cannot doubt that I'm sincere --
      This ballad surely shows it.
      No longer spurn the suit I press,
      Respect my agitation,
      Do change your mind, and answer, 'Yes',
      And save me from starvation.
      P.G. Wodehouse


  1. I am worried for your safety around those cleavers! Is that human meat they are chopping?!

    1. Right after this shot was taken they did try to make sushi out of my Shivarra, but they were not successful. Mystery meat takes on a whole new meaning here...some things we just don't want to know.

  2. Well after that I need a snack and then I'm off to Kara, or maybe I'll just get a bite there ... of something.

    1. As long as it doesn't bite you first! lol!


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