Friday, August 9, 2013

Tiny Story Time: Mataoka's & Navimie's Friday Fished-Up Fables

“A toast! Stand, gentlemen, and drink to the fallen!”

Vargoth dribbled the red wine down the front of his purple robes: it bled through, down to his navel. The indelible river would never come clean, but no one would see it because no one was there. The tower stood vacuously still, empty. He himself wasn’t sure if he was all there. Struggling to stand, his shaky hand ceremoniously saluted the invisible soldiers and officers. “Last man standing,” the mage burped, “where is the wine he promised? It appears it’s disappeared!” He laughed at his own joke before he lost consciousness.

Theme song: Gipsy Kings/Hotel California (I strongly urge you to click on this -it's amazing)

This coin intrigued me, but now I have my own wish: I wish I hadn't looked up its background before writing. But alas, I did, and some things can't be unread. Not that I have any issues with the readers' insights, in fact just the opposite- their cleverness is boundless. It's just that once I see what the concept is, it's difficult to write anything else. And in the words of the Dude, "I hate the f*cking Eagles." (NSFW)

Vargoth's Copper Coin:

Navimie's Landro 


  1. A story, beautiful music AND the dude. It just doesn't get any better than that.

    A few of my characters carry around Vargoth, I should have them call him to listen to the Gipsy Kings and see what he thinks.

    1. Gipsy Kings are amazing - a coworker named Felipe introduced me to them years ago, and then to hear their rendition of Hotel California in The Big Lebowski...

      You're right...not much better!

  2. Lovely music! And poor Vargoth.... stuck up in the tower. It's the sort of place I imagine Ancient would go just to make sure he was ok!

    1. She'd better have that case of wine with her; drunk mages get cranky!


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