Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 19: Lost

#wowscreenshotaday: lost

Zul'Aman was one of those places that terrified me if I ever died during the run (which was often) because threading my way back earned me the moniker "lost-a-lot bear." The patrols were fierce and surreptitious, and the maze of hidden pathways, and jumping over walls, through ruins and columns, tested even the best of navigational player skills.

And yet...nostalgia sets in again.


  1. I almost break out in a sweat remembering how long people waited for me to find my body in Mara. And the longer it took the more directionally challenged I became, lol.

    1. I hate, abhor in fact, getting lost, and it happens quite often: it is not so much the getting lost, because obviously I do find my way home, but the inevitable teasing. I am oversensitive to it, and defensive. Oh well. Those instances and caves are designed that way for reason - part of the 'time i money friend' 'let's keep you fumbling around as long as we can' idea. I'd rather just get lost in the fanstasy, not lost in a troll maze!


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