Friday, August 9, 2013

Lady in red...


What a difference a day makes: Wednesday's child was full of woe, but Thursday's child is rocking the house... Thursday was a vastly different day: work was 180° from previous days: my bosses were complimentary and appreciative, there was great synergy and honesty in discussions, the big news: I overhauled my UI back to what was comfortable. Seriously, priorities people! I've played with the destruction spec more, and love it. Kellda slammed through the Northern Barrens, and since the mage had previously acquired the three-headed pet thing, Kellda decided to do the boxing gloves and get into the ring.!

Okay. I feel better. Red is my color.

Red, Red Wine


  1. So you really liked Destro? Maybe I should make a baby Warlock and try it out.

    1. I do, with this important caveat: practicing my skills in the Barrens and getting a Brawler's Guild try out, sometimes Demonology is the best - with Destro, a lock can still use her minions, and some very powerful burst spells. I saw that when Shadowburn is ready to blow, damn it is incredibly powerful! I am still a terrible lock, but it's more fun dying and trying now!

  2. I'm really glad to hear that things got better for you! :)

  3. Much - but still haven't gotten through the Wrathion or green fire stuff. Trying not to tie-in my fragile self-esteem too much with pretty pixels!


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