Sunday, August 11, 2013

It goes to day 11: I love doing this!

Day 11: I love doing this!


Like the Pringle's chips slogan, can't each just one. Oh wait, that's Lays'. How can I possibly choose one thing I love doing in Azeroth? "Ah, but Matty," I say to inner shaman, "there is one over-arching, recurring theme: you love to do magic..."

Transformation, transcendence, and trickery: these are my stock-and-trade of my characters, the ability to make things happen, intentionally or not, and use powers at my fingertips to control my world.

If only, readers, if only.


  1. Just one of the reasons why I like having a Mage :)

  2. Oh! Oh! Cat wants you to teach her the Spell of Sea Gull!

  3. Prettiest sea gull I've ever seen!

    1. It is pretty, and extremely confused...


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