Monday, August 12, 2013

Hurts so good...

Cute things are especially evil...that's how they getcha...

Time to read: The Nature of Villainy by Anne Stickney

Actually Mr. Snerguls pointed out she misspelled "villainy,' spelling it villany in her title, but that's okay. She has 5,000 Twitter followers, and she's awesome. Mr. Snerguls can go poke his eye out with a sharp red pencil. 

Okay, Matty, what's all this then? What grouping of random silliness have you conjured up this time? 


You all know I'm a big fan of Garrosh: nothing like a little psychopathology mixed with lore to keep things interesting. He certainly is clear on who he is, and I admire that in an Orc. I read a question/comment from an esteemed colleague noticing the dearth of true villains: most conflicts within cartoon characters "these days" come from inner/intrinsic conflict -- a personal dilemma of right and wrong. Think Davey and Goliath versus Bugs and Elmer. Better yet: Moral Orel. (Man, I miss that show...) There is an abundance of characters with inner conflicts: man versus self, as it were. But Garrosh, now there's a villain! And a helluva writer, too.

Now Tome allowed in her post today that her loving title of "Mimi" was in grave danger of being forever altered to "Dreambreaker." Dahhha-ammmm, Tome! That is one sharp little cookie ya got there! This led me to think what vicious titles of viscous vixenish villainy could I come up with?

Well to my co-workers:
The Meeting Slammer

CD Rogue: The Interrupter, the Sulker, the Mood-Swing Shifter

Baby cubs: The Driver

Also, let's not forget: The Weeper, the Nagger, the Sultan of Slacker, the Queen of Unmade Banana Bread, the Recycler, the Caffeinator, the Crumbler (yes, I leave crumbs. Ants gotta eat too!)

What grim title of infamy would you take on if you could?

In the meantime: I'm a hero in Azeroth:


  1. Oh, I know this one. The Procrastinator of All the Things is deservedly my title which reminds me I have to get estimates before the deck parts company with the house. It's maintenance day so there is a little hope!

    1. I'm trying to get back to my old "good" habits of list making and getting shit done, but so far...not sure how successful I am now. I blame Blizzard.

  2. Anonymous14.8.13

    oh wow "the queen of unmade banana bread" this should have been my title the weekend past. I had a few requests from the junior gamer league that inhabit the house to produce some fresh banana bread and oh the heartbreak when I refused.


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