Monday, August 12, 2013

Monkeys: One. Humans: Zero.

Today is a day devoted to getting my proverbial sh*t together. So far, judging by a metric of failure versus success, mediocrity rules, and it's only 9 am. Was late to a thing, paperwork stacked up, coffee's cold, and I can't find this or that. Don't despair, Matty! Buck up, chunky!

Here - let's start with camping for bears: log on and have Haanta sit, freezing her chain-mail off, in Grizzly Hills looking for Arcturis with a minimum of three other hunters from different realms. Sure. Why not? I'll be tabbed out when the bear comes around and then cry. Set up for success? Hardly.

On this screen, let's check email, and on this tab Facebook. Don't forget to open the bank website and pay bills, oh, and other there, sure - check work email and bug colleagues about things you want from them. Change your automatic signature to reflect current position and status.Write that WoW post. Write another one. Empty dishwasher. Drink coffee. Drink more coffee. Go potty. Organize under cupboards

The other day Tome was asking where did I find some of the videos I watch. I am posting this one today from my Laughing Squid feed. I like Laughing Squid. What I don't like is for some reason I am following its creator, and he posts a hundred pictures of I guess his wife or girlfriend. Her name? Laura Dorn or Lori Dorn. She has big eyes and eats at a lot of restaurants. I feel that I know more about her than I do what's going on with one of my best friends. Oh, his name is Scott Beale. So I just went to Facebook and unfollowed him. I hope I don't hurt his feelings. Really. But I couldn't care less about what his girlfriend has for dinner. Hell, I barely care what I have for dinner.

Now I am not suggesting we get rid of all social media. Nor am I suggesting the young filmmaker is correct or incorrect in his thesis regarding the fracturing of social circles at about 150 for humans, 50 for monkeys. Rather, his science may be correct, but I am not sure I agree that all social media creates loneliness. And guess what? Sometimes we are lonely. If we didn't have contrast, we didn't recognize the need to reach out and connect. So I don't think his point was we should never be lonely, or do things that might cause loneliness. There have been plenty of times in my life I have been alone, lonely, or want to be alone. And, dare I say: sometimes wallowing in loneliness makes the times I have great relationships more sweet, or meaningful.  I know that human interaction, real human interaction, is how we survive.

Some of my video places:

Laughing Squid

And wish me luck on that bear, even if it's only pixels.

Postscript: I was dictating a new reminder to Siri yesterday, and she stopped me by saying, "You have twenty-five reminders." So?

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