Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 15: The Best


"But until then, be patient, Knight of the Silver Hand..."

When one is a paladin, your hero's heart and good intention are immediately part of something larger, something true and honorable, from the first moment your squire's boots hit the path to Stormwind. A paladin is part of lore, a noble guild, the Knights of the Silver Hand. In a revealing conversation with a young squire the other day, we both heartily agreed the Forsaken should be allowed to be paladins. They can be priests, and continue their work in service of the Light, so why not keep their stature as paladins, too? What they were in moral life should carry through their good works in service of the Lady in the afterlife.

I just saw an e-mail pop up in my open Outlook folder. My own real-life guild is fighting the good fight on behalf of my own paladin ways. This little paladin hasn't seen a tuppence more in pay in over seven years. This little paladin has spent thousands of her own money on necessities for those in her care. This little paladin is getting tired, and feeling drained, and the battle has yet to begun anew. Pray for this little paladin, please. She needs it. But when one is part of the Silver Hand, one is truly the best.

What kind of D&D character am I?

Turns out I am a low-level, weaksauce human sorcerer. Not even a wizard. Damn.

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