Friday, August 2, 2013

Sticky posts-post: Challenge Accepted

Okay, I am sorry about the previous post. It made me laugh. But then again, I am not built with the same parts as men are, and I shouldn't have giggled. I am sorry. Truly. Friends again?

This idea comes from Tycertank, by way of Erinys, and Ababeko's. Screenshot-A-Day Challenge.

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Day One: N


As in - naked, scared, and alone alt:

Recha is a Draenei monk who can't keep her heirlooms on her frame - she's given them all to Luckycricket, who is also floundering in Western Plaguelands, drinking with Argent Dawn soldiers or some such nonsense.

Another 'n' word: neglect, and lots of it.

Day Two: Incomplete:

The Wrathion questline:

Please, Mr. Tiger Sir, please, I appreciate your coaching from the sidelines, but could you do something about those bubbles of boiling hot dragon blood? Having more RAM has helped a lot - I died in forty seconds, not twenty, so there's progress!


  1. I need to see if there is some sort of guide to what you all are doing so I can follow along and know what you're talking about.

    I read Bear's post on the legendary quests and had to laugh cause I'm a nope, nope, noper!

    1. I realize they need to make it hard to make us 'special snowflakes' feel special, but honestly, just having the tenacity to stick to it is kind of enough for me. I wish there had been a test I could take instead of this final fight...cause it's not fun, but I guess will be once I best it...


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