Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dead Man's Party..

Having this overwhelming sense of deja-vu, as if I've dug up this before, in a former life (or post), but it just won't stay buried...

While leveling a warlock on a PvP server to see how fast I could get to level 10 with no heirlooms, money, or assistance (2.5 hours) this morose 'lock came across a merry group of clever cleaver-weilding souls, and she's pretty sure one of them..Daniel Ulfman, may have been related to one real-world Danny Elfman of Oingo-Boingo, and the Mystic Knights...

Sure enough, her suspicions proved correct. CD Rogue was a huge fan of Oingo back in the day, and I myself cannot get enough of Danny Elfman's work on soundtracks for movies, television, and video games, including the theme song for the Simpsons.

There are too many favorites to choose from, but this one always gets me singing along melodramtically:

There are many 'celebrity' sightings in Azeroth, but few get such a fan-girl reaction than meeting Danny Elfman's counterpart...which celebrity sighting as meant the most to you? We need a WoW Autograph book achievement! When we spot a reference, just like spotting a rare, we can put that in our book, and then as a reward get really cool shades to wear!


  1. My very favorites were the Firefly references in Zangermarsh. I got to meet K. Lee Smallfry and spend countless hours grinding for my very own Firefly! The meeting K. Lee part was a good deal more fun than the grinding though, lol.

    1. Now that is a cool reference! CD Rogue told me there's a Hozen named Grohl Grohl now...I'll have to go find him /swoon!


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