Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RTMT, Part III: The Rules


Told you to stop me. You didn't.

I haven't watched this yet, but looks intriguing: Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman

This quote jumped out at me:

On learning the rules of prison
"When you get to prison, if you've never been locked up before, there's this incredibly steep learning curve. First of all, you have to learn and understand all of the rules of the institution, all of the rules that are enforced by all of the guards and all of the wardens. Those include all the daily counts, when every single person within a unit is counted, and there's a host of rules, both reasonable and unreasonable. And what's confusing about that is that they're selectively enforced and frequently broken by the prison staff themselves.
"The other set of rules that you have to learn very, very quickly are the unofficial rules, and those are the rules that the community of women, the society of prisoners, set for themselves. That could be anything from not taking someone's habitual seat at the movie night — you don't want to sit in the wrong place because you'll be pretty quickly corrected on that — to not asking someone directly what their offense is, because that's considered very, very rude. You have to figure all of those things out. What you really have to figure out is where you fit in in the social ecology of the prison."
There are so many official and unofficial rules in Azeroth, it boggles the mind. The parallels between her insights in prison and WoW...well, maybe I'm reading too much into it. I would be interested to hear your conclusions, moreover, what "unofficial" rule has influenced your time in Azeroth the most, for better or worse?
This might be a good BlogAzeroth topic...


  1. The TV series is full of GREAT WIN!

  2. It seems like completely my kind if thing...

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  4. That's an interesting topic! Now I must go think...


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