Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great blue shammy yonder...

Early Monday morning, Dornaa completed the Netherwing Drake exaltation, and hatched an Onyx drake, emptyied out the guild bank* and purchasing the others. Now, at a 168 mounts, quite a ways to go for the 200...oh well.
That's Mistress Highlord to you, punk!

Dornaa is quite relieved she doesn't have to wear that Orc disguise any longer: no offense, but the thing was causing a mean rash in her, um, nether pun intended.

In other news:
Mataoka has her Orb on, too:

And, (hoping you won't read this part), after a death in a HS and on my warlock Kellda trying to bring down, with professional help mind you, a Warbringer, and dying horrible, embarassing, multiple deaths, it has been determined that:

I suck.

Back to the character drawing board.

*Sorry, Señor. I'll pay it back...I'm good for it!


  1. Tell Highlord Dornaa grats! Well, at least you gave it a shot. My characters just stand there and chat with the Warbringers.

    1. They are not known for their riveting conversation. In fact, I'm not even sure they're human. Highland Dornaa is looking around wondering if she'll ever have enough ointment for that rash. Fel-rash, I think it is. Nasty stuff, that.


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