Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Azeroth Topic: Love's Long Lost

Have had a few wisps of stories in mind recently, but can't seem to come up with any biting conflict, something to really sink my teeth into. While wandering up and down the web, felt a trapped fly caught of a thought, twinging and vibrating: worthy prey of an idea, courtesy of Effraeti's RP Blog and Blog Azeroth. What is strange (talk about something in the air) was thinking about the character of Mataoka (versus the human behind the toon), on my way to work this morning, before I knew of this topic.

I have written before that playing WoW did, and has sparked creativity for me. Whether my little stories and drabbles are worth anything, that's for a reader to decide. I need and love to write, just like I created art back in the day. The thoughts I was pondering were questioning where she is going next in her narrative. And believe me--she is a character. I have often wondered how do real writers discern their writing and imaginings from their real relationships, the husbands, wives, lovers, friends, family, children, in their real worlds, and have them support their creative endeavors. Without going into personal details, all I will say is in real life, I am a lucky woman indeed. But "they" better not hold their breath waiting for me to sell that screenplay or first novel.

Mataoka is a character--for her narrative, there are some blurred lines between my own memories, but I also quilt together other's experiences and anecdotes, too, but mostly my own observations. If Azerothian is similar to me in character, it's probably Luperci; Zep the healer - heck no. I buy my band-aids from Archie McPhees and am courageous in trips to ERs, but get cranky at other's colds, and am so over cleaning up, well, stuff. Navi from Frostwolves has that way over me, by far. She's a real hero.

The fictional character, Mataoka of Exodar, is at a crossroads now. Remember that time between college and career when you had to learn how to live independently, without roommates or dorm mates, and there was a whole lot of unknown on the horizon? Yup. That's where she is. Now, her personal puppet-master (me), is trying to figure out how to get her to see the next phase.

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  1. Where's the love story Matty! I was looking for sexy steamy romance....

    Oh I found it. Your passion is in those rocks and dirt and lost civilizations. Ah the passing crush.

  2. It's on its way...and if I made this blog NOT PG-13 - oh, baby! :)


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