Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Impossible Dream.

That's right, Rocky! Hit 'em with the renew at the 7th stack!

At certain junctures, we all have our moments of epiphanies and apotheosis. The apotheosis ones come few and far between, to be certain, if they happen at all, but oh, those moments of epiphany are usually laced with a large dose of "surrender." I always have a few of those, it seems, around birthday month, so perhaps we should just all skip February? Can we, please? I came to the annual realizations that I will never be:

A. A prima ballerina
B. Opera diva
C. Olympic medal-winning high board diver
D. All of the above

Now I can add E: Great theorycrafter in WoW. I consider myself an educated person. I am often intelligent. But when I read a post like Navi's How to Druid Heal Yorshaj, all I can do is come up with rhyming words: corsage, massage, dressage, menage, you get it.

So, what?

I don't have a Druid healer, but I do have a priest. And I try to hit the right buttons at the right time, but never have I sat down, studied a fight blow-by-blow, trying to figure out what to do when in such exquisite detail. And that is why I will always be a mediocre player, and you know what? I'm okay with that. So, I'm going to go work on my demi plies and arias. There may be hope for me yet.


  1. Oh Matty! I didn't write that post to make anyone feel mediocre! I just wanted to write it so druids out there like me who are tired of hearing "you can't do this" can read it and say "yes I can!"

    And I am in, no way, a theorycrafter. I just want to get things right so I don't look silly.

    And I'm sad nobody commented about my Yor'sahj picture that took me ages to make. I thought that was the best part of the post.

    Besides, how many times do I have to say I want to be like you and write like Tolkein :) I want to be just like you.

  2. AND! I forgot to say thank you for the compliment too! I was so busy being horrified that I had made you think things are impossible I forgot the last bit you wrote.

    1. Navi, you rock - I am totally in awe. I am a firm believer in that we give other's permission to feel bad, so in no way did you make me feel bad - I am just feeling cool because great players like you hang with me, too! I learn so much, more than I ever could from the leet sites. The essence of who you are, that "you can do this," makes me think you are an amazing person to know in real life. Those around you are lucky to have you: we don't hear that often enough, and it's worth saying. :)

  3. I know, I'll never be a singer or a great mathematician or a raider. Now I'd better go comment on the great Yor'sahj picture although I had no idea what any of that post meant it was indeed a good picture!

    Oh and I tagged you for a screen shot post but I know you said you're really busy right now so take your time!

    1. It was a good picture. Loved Cymre's idea, so got it done! Now if only Navi had a priest and could pull some puppet strings for me. Or a paladin. Or resto shaman. The enhancement shaman, well, except for not moving my tail fast enough, I got that covered. :)


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