Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Potion of Illusion Files: Movie Magic

Something is in the air, because in keeping with the hocus-pocus theme I seem to be conjuring lately, Zep downed some POI and changed into this:

"Bill, strange things are afoot at the Circle K..."

Is this a Worgen transformation I'm sensing? A trick of fuzzy meaning and duplicity? In any case, I am entranced. Modifying this to riding togs, complete with a lady's English side-saddle and hoop skirt would be amazing. Would that only the Worgen mounts were more interesting...

Coincidentally, I had been thinking of re-watching several "magician" themed movies:

The Prestige, if you like your tricks all Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman-y


The Illusionist, if you prefer a charming slice of Ed Norton and Jessica Biel.


  1. This is cool. Matty you need to make a page of all the illusions you can get! Collect all the posts together!

    Oh wait, I could click the label Potion of Illusion and get just that. Silly old me.

  2. Not sure why I felt I needed to mistype a "T" in the first heading. Sheesh. I need glasses, I really do. I think I will add a page for just these images. Dang, still working on collecting the theme songs...silly shaman.


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