Sunday, February 12, 2012

My precious...

I know - archeology....
but still...

just look at some of those amazing treasures!


  1. I've never actually looked at all the things that come from archeology. I may have to take it up now, I want it all!

  2. Everyone puts it down, but it has some very fun items, pets, and mounts, and I can dig stuff up while having watching The Daily Show. Not good at multitasking much else! :)

  3. The grind is awful but the items are great. I still think they should spruce it up by letting you dig up fantastic costumes/clothing for transmog purposes. I really would love to dig up Azshara's ACTUAL dress not that awful bedrobe.

    And that title... see you ARE Tolkein reborn!

    1. Am I right?! I mean, really!?! Blizz sometimes....too many dudes work there with mommy issues.

      Yes, I said it.


  4. My only fear is that I'm going to get the Extinct Turtle Shell and if I do I'll have to roll someone who could use it and that server is full up!


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