Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You know, for kids...

Recently Psynister posted a new challenge, and man-oh-man, this one is tough:
"Taking the Ironman Challenge to a Whole New Level"

For kids...

Now, something about a charity for children and character deaths seemed incongruent to me, but I'm being weird. But, not being able to shake the feeling, I decided I will take this challenge, but alter it slighty. For every level without a death, I will donate $5, but decided to set a minimum of $50, so it'll be a win for all. I'll see what happens, whether it's more generous to die or not die, that will be the question.

I may even at some point set up my own challenge for players, but for now, I'll go with this framework and see how it goes. Easier than hula-hooping, right?


  1. That's a great idea! I wasn't near as creative, I just sent them money and thought I'd read about their harrowing experiences from the comfort of my ergonomic chair!

    I think I'm all challenged out. But I do have a Melee Druid I started for the Ironman ... and she's level 20 with no deaths yet ... hmmm

  2. Ironsally is in the Hall of Fame, Tome, so if you desire to rest on laurels, no one would give it a second thought. Being a random, who resides at the intersection of Concrete Blvd. and Abstract Avenue, I plan on figuring out exactly what my personal rules will be, and dates. (And a WoW Hall of Fame and Shame - there's an idea for a post!) I am fairly certain I will have to start off with a whole new toon for this one, to make sure I don't cheat. I'm sneaky like that.


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