Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My guild rank is "Bowler." 

If I put this sort of thing on my resume, you would think I was a bad hiring risk. Yes, I had to leave my last guild. I knew going in that I wasn't going to get a spot on their ten-man team, and that was all right. I figured if I wanted to get back into raiding, then I'd figure out a way. There was so much new content anyway, and LFR, and then pandas, and oh yes, job, life, sleep. Yeah. But, there was this nagging...sometimes in guild chat the nerd-rage got a little heavy. I brushed it off. And, it seemed like it was tough to really bond with anyone. I adore my friend, and I hope he's not upset with me for my spontaneous /gquit, but it was coming. While they were all merrily raiding away, I decided to pop into an LFR. Young leet druid looks over my shoulder and says something about an AOE spell I have I wasn't using to full potential (fire nova and flame or earth shock). I experimented with KABLOOEY! CRITS ALL ROUND! Like Oprah with cars, "You get a crit! You get a crit! And you!" I ended up being top three in damage, only behind two hunters. I was so proud of myself, I hit recount to the guild.

Will I ever learn to curb my enthusiasm? 


Got told something by a guild-mate to the effect, "Don't recount unless you're number one." 



I typed, "Just proud of myself." 

Then am told by same guild-mate, "Well, some of us don't like to be spammed." 

Fair enough. 

I never liked it when players spammed recount, but understand that sometimes, well, it's just fun. And in this guild, I have been "spammed" plenty by recount. But I never considered it spam - I always thought of it as sharing a success. But, perhaps I should have kept it to myself. But I didn't. I wanted them to know, subconsciously at the time I guess, that I could hang, too. And since I had been thinking about moving Mataoka back to her little cottage guild anyway, well, the fingers did the quitting before the emotional lizard brain could stop it. 

There are always such cultural undertones and shifts in any group, and when we break those protocols it can embarrass us when publicly dressed-down. And I am at a point in the game where I don't need to be dressed down. 

and I was all like, "All right, it's f******* zero, are you happy, you crazy f***?"

It's a LFR, Smoke.

So, back to Ever Thus.

*If you spam that recount, you're entering a world of pain.


  1. Ohhh ... the dude abides. I need to watch it again.

    I recently was so proud I spammed my TinyDPS but my guild was cool about it.

    Yeah, I know I'm the only person in the guild but still.

    1. "To thy own self be cool."

      (Oh, Tome - you rock!)

  2. I think your old guild was Post Mortem, right?

    Just curious, I know you were very polite not to say, but it really is performing a community service to let folks know who the asshat guilds are. It's hard to know who to avoid without some idea of how they treat people or what kind if nastiness they think is an acceptible environment.

    And let's be clear... if I was interviewing you, and you told me that was your reason for leaving your last place of guildployment, I'd think better of you, not less.

    1. I am trying to not burn too many bridges. It's a small World of Warcraft, after all. A few players had moments of shining niceness, but overall, I think the whole guild system needs an overhaul. I totally get no one can make all people happy all the time, and personality conflicts abound any time there is more than one person in a room, but...whatever.

      And, Bear - thank you for that.

      Off to my real place of employment, where I am Queen of the Realm, and all subjects hail to me. Most of the time. :)

  3. Where did my reply go? :(
    Maybe Matty deleted it....

    1. I would never delete anything, unless my fat thumb hit the wrong microscopic button on my "smart" phone when sneaking peeks at my blog at work...what did you say?! I must know, now!

    2. ...and should add, NEVER anything from you!

  4. It was after you first posted it. I was thinking, ooh I get to reply first! Before Ancient!
    It went something like "They sound like a bunch of party poopers who are curbing your enthusiasm. Who are they to contain the bubble of energy that is Mataoka?" I thought maybe you found the comment too bizarre. After all, it wasn't very Tolkein like... :)

  5. Navi, you funny lady. You realize the only reason I pulled "Tolkien" was because the code recognized the word "dwarf," I'm sure. Curious I didn't get Grimms Bros. !

    And yes, I am a force of nature sometimes...:)

    1. That's not true! I admit I was suspicious the first time and I thought really? So I cut and copied a section of one of your posts and it still came up like Tolkein. And if I take two sentences it comes up with someone else. So I tried another post and cut the whole thing and it came up like Tolkein again! No dwarf. Because there was a suspicious lack of hobbit song in your writing so that's why I didn't think it was Tolkein but the thing doesn't lie!

    2. Whoa...really?!

      Now to write hobbity songs.


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