Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cymre's Kevin Bacon & Eggs

I play the Kevin Bacon game all the time. The last time it won my friend a Starbuck's card I had in my wallet. When I presented it to her, I said, "This may or may not have $10 on it. Good luck." She got so much delight from wondering if the card would buy her a coffee or not she kept it, a token of anticipation, not actualized.

Cymre came up with this concept,
and here's my shot:
Ceniza gets a little help from a friend...

But to my 7 lucky followers: I know you aren't six, but seven is better. I challenge you to Cymre's Kevin Bacon and Eggs Challenge. Sourdough toast, please, and black coffee optional.


  1. Anonymous15.2.12

    LOL, I love the title

  2. A lovely shot. Make me feel like going to BC and giving the old Reins of the Raven Lord another shot!

  3. A great shot Matty!

    1. That area has a haunting beauty I've always loved -- kind of terrifying and heartbreaking, all at the same time. My little Ceniza (Ash) girl is made all the braver for having a dear friend escort her.

  4. Guarf16.2.12

    As an aside, the keys to Kevin Bacon are the movies JFK and A Few Good Men.

  5. Miss you, Guarf, and hope all is well!


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