Friday, February 10, 2012


Okay, I may be randomly slipping into third person. I'll get my prescription filled later.

Yesterday turned out to be "checklist" day, which is an obvious moniker. I make lists, and try to check things off. For the most part, was successful. Am on the third of Game of Thrones,  and had a chance to be domestic. In game, quilted together bits and pieces of achievements, items here and there (as you can see from the Lovesick post, some of it involved sheer, unadulterated insanity. (Including using poor firemage Ceniza as a port service: I'm changing her name to Tote-bag.)

But it's not all charms and dungeons, after all. Had a moment to put together some new looks for Lupe and Zep. Again, I tend not to go for sets per se, but look at textures, complimentary details, colors, and an overall impression. Lupe's is gorgeous, in my humble opinion: leathery, soft feather details, bits of bone and steel. Zep's look is also beautiful, but not on my angel healer. Her moon-pale face, hair, and horns don't work with chartreuse and ectoplasm. I think this would look phenomenal on a Forsaken young lady, with the dripping pauldrons: just the right touch for those nights in the Undercity. So, for her wardrobe palette, I will be going back to the drawing board.

Damn, her eyes were closed...

But I am somewhat edgy right now, and it's not comfortable. Wheel-spinning feels substantially aggravating right now, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it's because I have so many fortune-cookie slips of thoughts, but nothing that makes a cohesive story, or even anecdote. But, I'll put these random thoughts down, and see where they end up taking me:

  • It's been almost a year since the earthquake in New Zealand. I hope my NZ friend is doing well, and his country has been healing. 
  • It's almost my birthday (again?! didn't I just have one?!), and I want to do something special this year, but feel the responsibilities and expectations will once again blow out my candles before I do. 
  • I am still loving archeology, which digs up (sorry, I will not stop these puns) a mess of thoughts when it comes to game time. I want time to write a series on this, fanfiction, pure, unapologetic role play fiction, so by your leave, dear readers. 
  • Lupe is going into LFR, by the Prophet. This weekend. Heard it's easy, but just have to know when to taunt from other tank during Ultraxion. (MMO: Have I told you lately how much I love you?)
  • Many interesting things going on in my real-life job. Wednesday night "they" sponsored a celebration for those of us who achieved something very big and cool, and I was so exhausted, I mean, like Forsaken bone-dead tired, I could not bring myself to go to get my share of collegial applause. As I told cross-dressing rogue, "they" did nothing, and I mean nothing, to support me in this endeavor, and there was a pinch of spite thrown in there, too, admittedly. I got a text from a very good friend asking where I was, and I told the truth. Sick. She texted me when she said they called my name and applauded for me in my in absentia state. 
Okay, technically, those aren't 'bullet-point' comments. Bullet-points are meant to be much shorter thoughts. But, to know me is to love my verbosity?

Big, big thanks to Kaybear, just for being cool, Isa, also, for being cool, Senor, for always being sweet and cool, cross-dressing rogue for being sweet, although sometimes he's not cool, Tome and Navi, for being awesomesauce, Ran, for my shiny new boots (dude, seriously), and the younger brother who had the patience of a saint when it came to those holiday achievements, and checked back in with me this morning to ask if I still needed help with the one for Lupe. 

Lupe's good, my friend. She's just fine.


  1. I like Luperci's outfit. Even if she doesn't dazzle everyone in LFR, at least she looks good while doing it.

  2. Sometimes just looking good is all we got, ain't it? :) Thanks Navi!

  3. The outfits are beautiful, I especially like Lupe's. Sigh, my girls are, well, I guess it's no surprise they have as much fashion sense as I do, pretty much zip.I should post a shot of my warlock, she's the poster child for the fashion-challenged.

    Hope you're feeling better but if not, you look marvelous which is what really matters!!

  4. Thanks, Tome. Nothing just some good old-fashioned sleep won't cure, methinks. And writing. Need to do some writing.

  5. Writing is always therapeutic. Geez, I'd be writing more if I wrote like Tolkein.

  6. OMG I just noticed my name is mentioned in this post. Squeeeee!

  7. Anonymous16.2.12


    I hope our NZ friend is okay also.


    1. Me too my sweet little gnome friend, me too. Equally important, I hope you're doing great. Don't see you zipping around Whisperwind as much as I used to, and hope you are your happy, funny, sweet self!


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