Sunday, February 26, 2012

Death and dresses...

Ah, poor little Zep and her awful shadow skills: she went to see the bugs for a pink dress, but she ended up with this:
(Doesn't she know you don't wear black hooves after Labor Day?!)

Now she needs the staff, boots, belt, and shoulders to match: highly evolved Draenei know how to accessorize.

And thank you, too, for the help my friend - next time let's bring a bigger fly swatter, okay?


  1. Ohhh I have pink, but I want blue. Wish we could trade :( I am actually trying to collect them congrats :)

  2. We're never happy, are we?

    But the hooves...oh, those blasted pedicure in the world can help those clonkers.

  3. Hooves are sexy imo :) /wink

  4. Oh, Navi, don't get me wrong - I love my virtual hooves/horns. In fact, the more I look at this dress, and as lovely as it is, it does look better on Night Elf/Blood Elf females - BUT -- and this is a BIG BUT(T) - I am actually longing for something that is custom made for Draenei and Tauren, because cloven girls can be hawt, too. Maybe I'll call in Donna Karan and Vera Wang on this one. Heck, I bet Coco Chanel could have rocked the hooves/horns accessories.


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