Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silly mage, LFR is for kids!

I was thinking about Big Bear during this evening's LFR run many, many times. My load-in screen is sometimes excrutiantingly slow, so I didn't even hit the meters until well into the second or third trash mob; then, got disconnected right before the Warlord fight, and guess what? When I connected again, I dropped RIGHT ON TOP OF HIM, died, and released, ran back--and the most shocking thing of all: NO ONE KICKED ME. No one said one thing. Ran back, got to a top damage spot, and a tricky mage played a joke on us all, and put a port to Theramore in front of the port to Hagara, and I fell right into it! Teleported back to party, got into the fight, all was well. Someone told them that was a good one. And it was. Record kill, got some gloves for my set, and all was well. A good time was had by one and all.

But gee, if the wolves had been released based on my activity at the beginning of that fight, I wouldn't have lasted another second. Those wolves would have been after me quicker than you can say, "She has cheeseburgers in her shirt."

Well, I do, but that's none of your business.


  1. Glad you had a good run :)

  2. It was fun - derping through it all on my own, but it was just fine. Must recognize those moments, too!

  3. That sounds frustrating as heck when it was going on, I'm really glad you ended up with a positive result.

    See, more and more based on comments and further thought, it's not about actual numbers but more about trying your best.

    No, wait. I'm not saying, "Awww, it's okay if you lost, we don't care who won, everyone gets a little medal for trying."

    What I'm saying is, we all want to have a good time in our own way, but on group content few things are us irritatnig as seeing someone not do a damn thing and get carried to loot roles, taking up a slot in the run that could have been filled by someone who cared to contribute... something. Anything.

    So, I'm not looking to eat the lowest as much as punish someone that wants to do nothing at all.

    So, now I'm advocating wolves that eat the inactive. Sure, the true trolls will cast "Water Breathing" over and over, but at least they're clicking some damn buttons and hating it.

    I had the "lowest DPS" inaduacy really rubbed in my face last night. Most of my level 85s are comparably geared. My BM Hunter usually maxes DPS outat 20k in LFR. My Druid, in kitty and wearing gear that is fully specced for Dodge tanking does 22k. My Rogue, that has been max level all of 2 weeks now, does 30k+.

    Equally geared, played with equal intensity, and I feel my BM Hunter skills are the most refined as DPS, and that character is by far the lowest.

    I do wonder where the balance is supposed to be, but that's a different topic. Is the game currently set to be balanced if everyone is in heroic gear? 397? What?

    But it does show me that a flat number for comparison is completely meaningless. You can try your ass off and have 20k, while someone else on a different character and same gear gets 25k while honestly doing half-assed effort, and call YOU baddie.

  4. It was incredibly frustrating, and I had "life aggro" tugging at me, too. A lot of it, with a high level of threat. :) And then, when everyone was cool, it was equally refreshing. And the life aggro calmed down, too.

    I am a BIG believer in a term that sounds like bullshit called "authentic self-esteem." (Sigh. Big. Fat. Sigh.) I completely agree with the not everyone gets a medal junk.

    This issue is a big, and one that has vexed me since I actually started caring and comparing my skills/dps with other players. I've gotten the range of troll attacks to the "there, there dears." Not sure which is worse some days.

    In the meantime, I hope I don't mix up my fishoil with my cheeseburgers while I'm hitting everyone with water walk. Oh my gosh, Bear, that cracked me up! (That is my LIFE! I'm constantly hitting folks with water walk when I should be flame shocking them! Dammit!)

    A few runs ago, just in a regular dungeon, I dubbed it "Be Cool Day" in Azeroth.

    1. (cont'd)

      I'm just glad there are players like you out there, Bear. The ones who are cool, trying their best, and being funny while doing so. There is the true balance - :)


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