Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Drabble: Queen Azshara's Bathrobe...

Zep excitedly opened the gift from Matty—a new dress! Oh, she must have found it in while exploring the lands, seeking treasures. Sometimes she could be so thoughtful. Pulling the dress out of the satin-lined box, something was amiss. First, it was a dressing robe, not a gown. One wore it while readying oneself for more grand attire. Zep drew the chest and arms to her nose, and made a sour face. It smelled…awful, and hard to discern: sea salt, fish scales, sulfur, iron, and, Zep blushed, like a night of love. She would never wear it, despite its value.

Writer's Note
I cannot believe I am grumpy about this. But seriously--SERIOUSLY!?! COME ON!

(Deep breath)

My post in praise of archeology will come later, but why, Blizz, why, be so passive/aggressive sometimes? Give us a chance for a queen's dressing gown, and not just any queen, the QUEEN - Azshara, numero uno, the temptress, the archetypal bitch of beauty and desire, and then give us her own bathrobe? (And not even washed, no less.)

Why can't things like this be sent in a gift box:

So next time you open up your can of peanut brittle, Blizz, I'm putting a rubber snake in it.

Theme song: Heart-shaped Box/Nirvana (live)

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