Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three wishes...

Warm wishes!
One thing you have all probably figured out about me is I am pretty darn good to myself. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I have plans on a walk, reading, and of course, some time in Azeroth. There is another story or two I want to get started on, but can't seem to find the right mix of mental ingredients. In the meantime - here's to Miss Matty -- the ultimate alter-ego: forever young, and forever sweet. I may not be as young as Matty, but I hope I am sweet enough. (It's Girl Scout Cookie month, too, on top of Valentine's and birthday cherry cupcakes. Too much sweetness going around. Maybe two walks are in order!)

So - three wishes for you all:
*Hope you have love
*Hope you have work that is worthwhile, whether it's your actual job, or an avocation you enjoy
*Hope you have peace, and a really good book to read

Kisses to you all - :)


  1. Happy Birthday Matty!

  2. Thanks, Navi! Cross-dressing rogue found this for me:

    Ah, the power of an i-Pad in a grocery store!

    I have also dubbed it "International Be Cool Day."

  3. Happy Birthday Cool Matty! /kisses back

  4. Thanks, Tome! Having a very fun day!


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