Wednesday, February 8, 2012

That explains it.

Recently read two posts from some favorite WoW writers today that (attempt to) answer my questions. They have generated more questions, and I am not going to pretend like I understand (any of) this. But my reading and gaming comprehension skills, or lack thereof, are not any fault of theirs. My intelligence buffs are depleted.

First question was how can I get Zep's Shadow Priestess-ness to be more than just look pretty:

...and the other question I have is how not to be afraid to take Luperci into an LFR. That is somewhat addressed by Theck, but his post has more to do with the future of LFR in general. I need to wrap my head around both of these posts a bit. In the meantime, just going to stand around and look cool.

Theme song: Dead Mantra/Dead Skeletons


  1. You've confused me too. Now we are twins.

    1. Both of those posts require more attention. With everything I do, it comes down to priorities: do I want to spend time making my healer and tank better, perhaps even raid-ready? I am not sure. I question my original intent for even starting those classes, but if I remember correctly it was to see different sides of the game. Sacred Duty is one of those blogs I read and my head starts to swim: I truly admire those who can theorycraft and understand the mechanics inside and out. (I sense another post coming soon...)


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