Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drabble: Wild at heart...

Is it possible for a day to have too many adventures? She slept like a fossil: it would take someone else to dig her out of her deep sleep. Once in a while, the bones resonated with happiness, as blood and heartbeats danced a dedicated beat. This was one of those evenings. Pure satisfaction and serenity, that was all she felt. From the lonely bachelor dwarfs in the sandy, wooded hills, to the crickets and frogs thumping percussive, petulant kisses, she roamed. She roamed with wandering purpose, just to say, “I’ve been there, and I saw all I could see.”

Lonely Dwarf bachelors appreciate Matty's visit

Surveying the surroundings...

Two Tauren males respectfully salute Matty...

Flying over Sorrows...

Rinsing off the dust, sweat, and travel fatigue in a Troll ruin's fountain

Warm welcome...

Rest for the night


  1. LOL Matty only you could make Archaeology interesting :)

    1. Navi, you crack me up, btw. :)

  2. Thanks, Navi? Oh, there's more to come - trying to capture the essence of it, and not make it into someone else's slideshow. We all know how we "love" to see other friends' and family's vacation albums on Facebook.

    And, I hope it's a little more Rick Steves versus An Idiot Abroad (which is hilarious, btw)

    (although I must admit Rick Steves bugs me-- perhaps Karl is the way to go...)


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