Monday, February 13, 2012

One more thing...

...I need to say this, too:

I do believe there are all kinds of love. My few friends I've had for a lifetime regularly tell each other we love each other, probably more than we tell our own sisters. I have colleagues for whom I cherish, who tell me, direct quote, "I could never let them down," and mean it. Even when I'm cranky or bristly. For my friends in Azeroth, I do adore you, perhaps even it's love; you have all been loyal and true friends, willing to put up with me, and you seem to enjoy my company. There is no doubt I enjoy yours. You've been my sounding board, my advisory council, my laughs, and I cherish your friendships more than I can say. The Cupid's arrow has struck true with you all, and for that - thank you. I can carry around the idea of a hug or smile throughout the day; better than chocolate.

That's right.

Better than chocolate.

I think I said it best last year, and it's all still true:

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