Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shopped till you dropped...

Thanks to Ruby for giving me this information about how to display images of characters with no messy background images:

Blogger RubyLupine, Fashionista of Azeroth said...
The addon Mogit. I'm telling you it's like a dressing room. After I find the perfect outfit I print screen then crop to take off the excess. I do that for both male and female. Then I put the pictuces in TextEdit and print screen that so they are right next to eachother. Lastly, I crop off the excess for that picture and we are done!

Today's focus was the hunter-gatherer hardmode of me being a full-out female: yes, I went "shopping" all damn day. The benefit of having two accounts is I took Mataoka on one account, and used Ceniza from the other, and we did it all, baby. From Target to Nordstrom, those two went everywhere, and found some great deals. The mail gear and axes didn't drop for shaman girl, but Ceniza got some great things, and reached level 70.

Ceniza in her Vestements...but damn, those man-hands...

Trying it on with Mog-it

Need different shoulders and staff enchant...

Mog-It strips you down - cool fist weapon

Between Atlasloot and Mog-It, I had a lot of fun all day long. Yes, laundry got done, trash out, and some dishes washed (dishwasher is toast, the mechanical one), but other than that just did this silliness.

And then I tanked a dungeon with young leet. Sigh.


Back to the malls, er, dungeons.

Theme song: Technotronic/Pump Up the Jam


  1. OMG I'm laughing my head off at your man-handling... man hands... OMG... *more gales of laughter*

  2. Seriously, those hands! I realize the Night Elf model adheres to proportional figurative drawing rules that would look odd in other dimensions, but dang...all the better to swing that staff, I guess! But Jerry Seinfeld wouldn't date her.


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